Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Guy Sterne To Host October Open Event

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Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Guy Sterne To Host October Open Event
Friday 22 September 2017

West Midlands Hospital Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Guy Sterne is highlighting his range of surgeries at a Saturday open event next month.

People will have the opportunity to learn more about Mr Sterne’s work and find out if Cosmetic Surgery is right for them on Saturday 28th October (10am) .

The morning will start with a short talk from Mr Sterne outlining his specialist cosmetic surgeries and treatments.

Guests will then have the opportunity to ask questions and have a short one-to-one discussion with Mr Sterne about the type of surgery they are considering.

Places are limited for the Saturday event so guests must call West Midlands Hospital in advance to reserve their place.  

Mr Sterne is an expert in cosmetic breast surgery (augmentation, uplifts and reduction), breast reconstruction, plastic surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, general cosmetics, gender reassignment chest surgery and non-surgical treatments.

Mr Sterne, who offers all these surgeries at West Midlands Hospital, said: “This open event gives people the opportunity to find out about the different types of Cosmetic Surgery that I provide and then have a one-to-one chat with me about the surgery they are considering.

“The event is open to anyone and is the perfect opportunity to explore different cosmetic surgery options.”

Mr Sterne added: “Many people may be considering Cosmetic Surgery but aren’t sure if a specific surgery is right for them.

“I will be able to give them all the information they need so they can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with surgery. I look forward to welcoming guests on the day.”

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