Foot Health Week 2021

Specialist podiatrist Ms Lois Oakley based at Stourside Hospital, welcomes FootHealthWeek2021 to encourage patients to seek advice and treatment for foot health concerns which have developed during the Covid restrictions.

Mr Oakley Lois says, patients who have shielded will have managed as best they could to self-treat, but now is the time for a podiatry MOT.

As outdoor activities are also gradually resuming most of us have become unfit, and our feet are going to take the strain with unaccustomed exercise. Sorting out the shoe cupboard is also a good idea.

Did you know that wearing footwear that does not support your feet can cause painful corns/calluses, tendon injuries and plantar fasciitis?

Here are a few top tips for buying well-fitting shoes.

  • Make sure your shoes are long enough, deep enough, and wide enough for your feet. If your shoes are too tight, they will press on your toes and cause blisters.
  • Always try on both shoes. Most people’s feet are different sizes.
  • A shoe with lace, strap or veloce fastening supports your feet and is an ideal choice for general day to day wear.
  • Choosing the right shoe style can aid in injury prevention. The joints and muscles in the foot and leg will thank you for it. So will your posture and balance!

If you are experiencing foot pain or have foot health concerns, please do not ignore them. Seek help from a podiatrist.

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