Handyman Gabe Hits The Nail On The Head With Hospital Hip Replacement

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Handyman Gabe Hits The Nail On The Head With Hospital Hip Replacement
Wednesday 26 April 2017

Handyman Gabe Gabriel has hit the nail on the head after choosing West Midlands Hospital for his hip replacement surgery.

The DIY enthusiast is thrilled to be turning his hand to work around the house again without being plagued by pain in his hip.

The 54-year-old retired businessman has suffered with arthritis in his hip joint for the past eight years, but he decided to do something about it when the pain worsened over the last 18 months.

Gabe approached his GP and was referred to hip specialist Professor Edward Davis at West Midlands Hospital.

After an X-Ray, Gabe was given steroid injections to ease the pain initially but the discomfort returned again within two weeks.

Professor Davis recommended a full hip replacement to resolve the issues once and for all and booked Gabe in for full surgery at the private hospital, based in Halesowen.

Gabe, of Little Aston, said: “I’ve had arthritis in my hip joint for a long time but it just started going from bad to worse.

“I visited by GP and was given the choice to see an expert at West Midlands Hospital.

“I retired from running a successful business relatively early, but I am a very active person. I love doing DIY and I’ve renovated my house, but the hip pain was really limiting what I could do.

“When I met with Professor Davis he gave me a few different options but I knew that a full hip replacement was always going to the best way forward for the long term.”

Professor Davis is an expert in hip replacement surgery and carries out a full range of hip and knee surgeries at West Midlands Hospital.

He uses the very best implants and a state-of-the-art approach in the form of computer assisted technology during his procedures.

Gabe said: “On the day of surgery everything ran like clockwork. I was a bit nervous a couple of weeks prior to the operation but you are made to feel at ease from the moment you enter the hospital.

“The operation was in the evening and afterwards I was taken to my room and, after a good night’s sleep, the physio team had me back on my feet and using the frame and then crutches as well as walking up the stairs.

“That gave me confidence straight away because even though I knew I’d have the post operation pain, I wasn’t sure how I would react.

“The physio team were fantastic and were so supportive in helping me to get back on my feet again.”

After returning home, Gabe has visited the hospital for further physiotherapy appointments and he has also been doing his own fitness work to get back to full strength.

He said: “Day by day since the operation there has been a noticeable difference and I’ve been going to the gym myself two or three times a week and trying some of the exercises that the physios recommended.

“I believe an important part of the healing process is understanding what you’ve been through and how you can help yourself as well.”

Gabe is now pleased he can get stuck into projects again and get back to a normal way of life.

He added: “DIY is something I really enjoy but even kneeling down was a big struggle before I had the hip replacement.

“But since the operation I’ve been able to get on with jobs around the house and for family members which is really pleasing.”

Gabe is full of praise for West Midlands Hospital and is delighted he chose to have his operation there.

He presented staff with a specially made cake as a token of his appreciation for all the care he received.

Gabe said: “What I like about West Midlands Hospital is that it is relatively small and as a result you get that very personable service.

“Everyone is accountable and it’s very much a team effort. Without doubt this hospital is run like a well oiled machine.

“I can’t thank everyone at the hospital enough. It’s not just the consultant, who was excellent, but the whole team which contributed to a successful operation, my recovery and overall an excellent experience.

“Thanks to the hospital I’m doing what I enjoy doing again without the pain and looking back I wish I’d had the hip replacement done years ago.”


For more information about hip replacement surgery at West Midlands Hospital, please call West Midlands Hospital on 01384 560123.

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