West Midlands Hospital Staff Team Up To Support Workout At Work

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West Midlands Hospital Staff Team Up To Support Workout At Work
Tuesday 30 August 2016

West Midlands Hospital staff teamed up to support a national health and wellbeing drive in August.

Energetic employees organised an action-packed programme of activities which tied in with the ‘Workout at Work’ campaign, co-ordinated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

From August 15th to 25th, staff engaged in activities at the Colman Hill hospital site in Halesowen including on site pilates classes, fitbit challenges and desk and posture assessments.

Prizes were up for grabs for employees who clocked up the most steps during the fitbit challenge which was measured using fitbits, pedometers and phone apps.

Hospital staff covered a combined total of 550 miles over a two week period – the equivalent of walking from the hospital to Lands End, Cornwall and back.

Ward Clerk Tracey Tipton was the winner of the first week’s fitbit challenge while the hospital catering team won a team prize for the number of steps they covered during the second week.

The fortnight of activities culminated with a staff sports day event which took place on the hospital site.

It included an egg and spoon race, a blindfolded guided obstacle course and a single leg stand challenge before staff tucked into a barbecue after the fun event.

Helen Hunt, Physiotherapy Manager at West Midlands Hospital, said “We were very pleased to support the Workout at Work initiative and it was great to see staff at the hospital getting involved in different activities throughout the campaign.

“Events like this are a great way to promote health and wellbeing across the hospital and support a national initiative.

“The sports day and barbecue was a great way to round off the fortnight of activities and we are looking forward to supporting Workout at Work again next year.

“I’d like to say a big thanks to all staff who took part and to our catering team who served up the excellent food after the sports day.”

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