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    Facelift Surgery - February 2017 - Consultant: Mr Guy Sterne

    "I am so satisfied. I can now look in the mirror and feel good and I love all the positive comments people make when I tell them how old I am. My motivation for the surgery was when I had just lost six and a half stone. I looked in the mirror one day and saw that I had a saggy neck, heavy jowls and hooded eyes. I hated what I had looked like for a long time and when my son said he was getting married I knew I had to do something about my ageing face.”
    “I was worried that I would end up looking like an overdone, plastic woman who people would stare and talk about and not look like myself at all. When I had my consultation with Guy Sterne I  knew instantly he was the right cosmetic surgeon for me. He put my mind at rest by telling me what to expect from my surgery and which procedures would be best for the result I craved. Guy is a total artist dedicated to giving his patients the best result he can for them. He is a kind, caring consultant who never minded me asking questions about my surgery or what to expect.”
    “I would definitely have the surgery done again and I don’t regret it at all. I chose the best surgeon and got the best results. I would recommend Guy Sterne and West Midlands Hospital to anyone.” Jane Chandler


    Hip Replacement Surgery – February 2017 Consultant: Professor Davis

    “I was really frustrated because I was in a lot of discomfort with my hip but I kept putting it off to go and see a surgeon and try and resolve the problem.
    “I knew that West Midlands Hospital had an excellent reputation and I know other people who had visited for surgery so I was more than happy to have the hip replacement done there. I’d also heard excellent reports about the consultant Professor Davis and he certainly lived up to his great reputation.
    “I’d not been in hospital for anything major for 60 years up until this so I was a bit nervous but he explained everything to me and said that a full hip replacement was the only option because my hip joint was completely worn. He was very calm and reassuring with me throughout and that made a huge difference because coming in for an operation can be a bit daunting at first.
    “I would recommend the hospital to anyone. The staff, from the consultant and ward nurses, through to the physio team, couldn’t do enough for me. I’m very impressed and it’s an excellent hospital. I don’t want to make a habit of coming to hospital but I wouldn’t hesitate in coming back if I needed any other surgery.” David Baker 

    Knee Replacement Surgery - December 2016 - Consultant: Mr Clare
    “I was in a lot of pain with the arthritis in my knee and it was very debilitating. I’d put up with the pain for a long time and I’d tried lots of injections but I knew that the only way forward was to have knee surgery to make my life easier and more comfortable.
    I had heard lots of good things about West Midlands Hospital and was very impressed with Mr Clare during the initial consultation before I came in for the surgery. I was quite apprehensive about the surgery but I was put at ease from the moment I came in. I’m thrilled with the surgery and it has made such a big difference to my way of life. I feel a slight ache from time to time but I just don’t feel the same pain anymore. It has been absolutely fantastic for me.I would recommend West Midlands Hospital to anyone, not only because of the quality surgery, but also the friendly nature of the staff and consultants make you really feel at home.” Pam Davies

    Knee Replacement Surgery - December 2016 - Consultant: Mr Quraishi
    “I was in quite a bad way with my knee which was affecting my mobility and it was also getting me down a bit. I played football until I was 40 and I’ve had one or two knee injuries over the years but as time has gone on my left knee has deteriorated and the pain has worsened due to arthritis.I couldn’t go on the way I was so I approached Mr Quraishi at West Midlands Hospital which is on my doorstep. It was the perfect match for me. I am so glad that I’ve had the surgery done because at my age an operation is quite a big thing to go through but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I just don’t feel the same pain anymore and I can get about much easier now which is great. I can’t praise the team at West Midlands Hospital highly enough. Mr Quraishi was wonderful, as were all the staff who looked after me. I’d like to say a big thank-you to them all. My message to people in the same situation as me is to have the operation done at West Midlands Hospital because I’m thrilled with the surgery.” John Fradgley 

    Foot Surgery – November 2016 – Consultant: Mr Marsh
    “I was in a lot of pain with my feet because my toes needed straightening. It was the result of wearing high heels when I was younger which had gradually taken its toll. After suffering with the pain for a few years and reaching the point where I was struggling to walk properly, I decided to do something about it. I went to see my GP and he asked me where I would like to be referred to for the surgery.
    “I had visited West Midlands Hospital before to have a bunion removed so I had no hesitation in coming back here for the surgery because the hospital is such a warm, friendly environment and fairly close to where I live. I met with the consultant, Mr Alastair Marsh, who explained everything to me thoroughly before the surgery. He was a true professional from start to finish and I’m really pleased that he was my surgeon because I have every confidence in him.
    “The surgery Mr Marsh performed was exceptional and has been life-changing for me. Within weeks of the operation I was back wearing normal shoes again. I can now walk much more freely without feeling the pain and both of my feet just look so much better as well.
    “From the moment I stepped through the door at West Midlands Hospital everyone was so welcoming, from the staff on reception to Mr Marsh himself. I was only in the hospital for a day but it was such a fast but professional and efficient service. I had a room on the ward to recover from the operation afterwards and received lovely food and refreshments and I was always greeted with a smile.
    “Overall, I’m delighted with the experience at West Midlands Hospital and I would recommend it to anyone because it provides such a first class service.” Susan Langford



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