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Dr Arasu Rayen - Anaesthetics

Clinical interests

Dr Rayen's clinical interests include:

- Lower back and neck pain including whiplash
- Chronic spinal pain and spinal injections
- Postspinal surgery pain
- Chronic pain due to arthritis of joints - shoulder, hip, knee, ankle
- Nerve pain(neuropathic pain) due to nerve injury
- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
- Nerve pain following shingles (Post herpetic Neuralgia)
- Chronic pain following trauma
- Chronic pain following surgery - following breast surgery, hernia, thoracotomy
- Chronic abdominal pain
- Chronic pelvic pain
- Chronic headache
- Ultrasound guided injections

Academic background

Dr Rayen is an expert in pain management and anaesthetics and specialises in lower back and neck pain, chronic spinal pain and spinal injections and chronic pain due to arthritis of joints. 

Dr Rayen's qualifications include:

MBBS – 1991
Diploma in Anaesthesia (Ind) – 1994
Diploma in Anaesthesia (UK) – 1997
FRCA – 1998
MSc in Pain Management (Leicester Univ) – 2008
FFPMRCA – 2007
PG Certificate in Medical Education - 2014
Fellow of Higher Education Academy - 2014

Professional Memberships

- Royal College Of Anaesthetists
- Association of Anaesthetists of GreatBritain and Ireland
- British Pain Society
- West Midlands Pain Society (CommitteeMember)

Dr Rayen is currently the Editor of Pain News, the official publication of the British Pain Society, an alliance of professionals advancing the understanding an management of pain for the benefit of the patients.

Clinic Times

Tuesday evenings, Thursday PM