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We have a team of expert consultants at West Midlands Hospital who work together to provide a comprehensive spinal service. We have a consultant neurospinal surgeon, a consultant neurosurgeon, a consultant anaesthetist and a consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

So if your back or neck pain has been persisting for six weeks or more, come and see one of our consultants to discuss your pain and the options available to manage it. They can refer you for diagnostic tests and physiotherapy treatment, as well as providing pain relieving injections or spinal surgery if required.

Meet the team:

Mr Navin Furtado, Consultant Neurospinal Surgeon
His interests include: Management of complex spinal pathology, spine trauma and reconstruction, degenerative spinal disorders, spinal tumours and general back pain.


Mr Stephen Metcalfe, Consultant Neurosurgeon
His interests include: Complex spinal neurosurgery for degenerative conditions, tumours and trauma.


Dr Arasu Rayen, Consultant Anaesthetist
His interests include: Anaesthesia with special interest in pain management and spinal injections.


Mr Mushtaq Ahmed, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
His interests include: A general orthopaedic surgeon who delivers selective spinal surgeries.

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