How to be referred
West Midlands Hospital accepts both GP referrals and self-referrals.



All patients have access to a wide range of spinal care facilities for their back and beck pain including: appointments with exper signal consultants, diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, pain relieving injections and, back and neck surgery. 

GP referral

Your GP can refer you to one of our spinal consultants for an outpatient consultation to investigate and discuss your back or neck pain.

They can also directly refer you for an MRI, CT scan or X-ray in our imaging department. We normally offer appointments within three to five days and report back to your GP within five days.



You can book a private appointment with a member of our spinal consultant team.

You can also self-refer to our imaging departments and physiotherapy service. You can book directly for a diagnostic test if this has been recommended to investigate your back pain further. A GP referral is required for a spinal imaging appointment.

Our chartered physiotherapists can assess your back or neck pain to establish if it’s connected to a serious health problem, offer advice and a physiotherapy treatment plan. Appointments are often available within one working day.




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